Noonday Gun

Noonday Gun-Hong Kong

The gun is located on the waterfront in Causeway Bay. Initially held to salute to the vessels entering Victoria Harbor back in the 1860s during the colonial era of Hong Kong, the Noonday Gun ceremony now holds everyday at 12:00noon. Besides the daily Noon Day Gun ceremony, the gun is also fired at midnight on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the beginning of the New Year, it is an important tradition and a collective memory of Hong Kong people.

  • Address : Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (*access the Noon Day Gun through a tunnel next to the World Trade Centre.)
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Every year, there are officially organised extravagant fireworks displays on the Second Day of Lunar New Year, HKSAR Establishment Day (1st July) and National Day (1st Oct). The spectacular backdrop of city lights, harbor and surrounding mountains makes the glittering fireworks even more special and unforgettable.

  • Address : Waterfront of Victoria Harbour, Golden Bauhinia Square

Fireworks Display on Victoria Harbour

Fireworks Display on Victoria Harbour-Hong Kong

Hong Kong-style Teahouse ‘Cha Chaan Teng’

Hong Kong-style Teahouse ‘Cha Chaan Teng’-Hong Kong

Cha Chaan Teng meaning tea restaurant, it serves a wide range of food from steak to wonton noodles, coffee to Hong Kong-style mile tea and Yuan Yang in an affordable price. Cha Chann Teng is high efficiency, customers usually receive their dishes in 5 minutes time right after the order. The waiters take the order with one hand and pass the dishes with another hand at the same time. Each customer averagely spends 10-20 minutes to finish a meal. This is embodiment of Hong Kong’s fast-paced lifestyle.

  • Address : Lockhart Road and Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay
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In Mid-Autumn Festival, visitors can join the spectacular 3-day Fire Dragon Dance activity in Tai Hang. It is a 67-metre-long 'fire dragon' which involves 300 performers and 72,000 incense sticks that winds its way with much fanfare and smoke through a collection of streets located in Tai Hang.

  • Address : Tung Lo Wan Road, Causeway Bay

Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance

Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance-Hong Kong

Villain hitting ‘Da Siu Yan’

Villain hitting ‘Da Siu Yan’-Hong Kong

Da Siu Yan is a folk sorcery and is often done in gloomy places such as somewhere under an overpass. The Canal Road Flyover between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai is a popular place for Da Siu Yan. The villain hitters require human-shaped papers with some information of specific people and they will beat the papers with shoes to curse one's enemies using magic.

  • Address : Canal Road Flyover between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai
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